Monte Care – Monte and Panda
Monte Care – Monte and Panda
Monte Signature Paw Print

Naturally Sourced
Organic Ingredients

Created With Passion Driven By Science

Protecting the health
of your pet and our planet

Dear furry friend lovers, my name is Monte and I am one of the founders of Monte Care alongside my best mate and business partner, Panda.

We have had enough of toxins in our beauty routine, so we decided to create our own brand. Our products are made with naturally derived non-toxic ingredients from organic farming, so don’t panic, we only do organic, protecting us little furry people and our planet.


Ashwood House,
8 Ashwood Gardens, Southampton 
SO16 7LF United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)2380 710044


Hepburn Bio Care SARL MC,
Villa Aline, 4 Rue des Géraniums
98000 Monaco

Tel: +33 6308 56202

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tel: +1 954 702 3397

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